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Top 3 Reasons Why Parents Love JumpBunch

Active_KidsWe always love working with happy kids, but having happy parents is an extra special bonus for us! We’ve heard a lot of great feedback over the years but many parents tell us the same great things. The top 3 reasons JumpBunch parents love sending their kids to our programs:


1. Introducing Healthy Habits: Our programs introduce physical activity and healthy habits to children starting at a very young age. Not only do we provide a foundation for kids to live a healthy lifestyle, but we also help children to develop balance, basic motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
“I really appreciate all that you do; it has made a huge difference with his motor skills. He is catching better and throwing better. He is also batting better. Great job and keep up the great work!”
– JumpBunch parent

2. Builds Confidence: Children who attend JumpBunch classes have shown higher confidence in not only sports and activities, but in school as well. Children become more aware of their surroundings, their own personal capabilities, and how to work with others. Parents have also reported their children are able to concentrate and focus better.
“Bryce is very excited each Wednesday to go to school and have JumpBunch. We can tell a remarkable difference in his attention and coordination. What a small price to pay for confidence and a love of sports. Kids today seem to be much more interested in TV and computer games. I think your program starts children off on the right foot.”
– JumpBunch Parent


3. Variety at a Young Age: We offer over 70 activities that range from yoga to baseball to balance beams. Parents love that we can offer their children exposure to many different forms of physical activity – not just a few sports basics. This allows their kids to find the things they love to do most and stick with them!
“I love the curriculum that your program offers and the way it exposes the kids to a wide variety of activities.”
– JumpBunch Parent

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