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JBSports fitness activities for older children

6-12 years old

45-60 minute, weekly classes for after care or regular school curriculum

JumpBunch sports activities for school age children“JB Sports” is the big kid version of JumpBunch. We provide an experienced coach and all necessary equipment to make it easy for schools to add structured sports and fitness to their curriculum or to round out an after-care program.  Our curriculum introduces the rules and skills through hands-on exercises, so kids begin playing and improving right away. We keep it fun, but at these ages, children appreciate a bit of competition too. The goals are to help make every student comfortable trying new sports, to give them a basic understanding of popular sports and to help them appreciate the fun and rewards of regular physical activity. There are three different approaches schools can choose:

Full Month Focus for Each Sport

The curriculum focuses on one popular sport for a full month at a time. This allows skills to develop and begin to teach some of the nuances of the game.

Click to see sports examples.

Typical Sports for a Monthly Focus Include:

Track and Field
Cardio Blast
Picnic Sports

A New Sport or Activity Every Week

Students learn something new each and every week. Instead of deeper discovery, this approach offers a high level, fun introduction to a new sport or activity each week (our curriculum includes over 70 activities).

Click to see sports examples.

Weekly Sports Activities Include:

Track Sports
Jump Ropes
Paddle Games
Agility Drills
3-Legged Races
Obstacle Course
On-Target Games

60 second physical fitness activity challenge for kids

Weekly 60-Second Challenge

Kids work through 6-8 new activities in each one-hour class, usually in teams of two. Players earn points and compete to be the day’s winning team. It’s a little competitive, sometimes a little silly, but each activity is actually carefully crafted to sharpen fine and gross motor skills, encourage teamwork and problem-solving. Through the cheers and laughs the 60-Second Challenge has proven to be a worthwhile program kids look forward to each week.

Click for a sample Challenge.

Here’s a Sample Challenge

One player stands in a hula hoop holding a bucket on his or her head. The other player stands five feet away and has to bounce ping pong balls into the bucket. The player in the hula hoop can’t leave the hoop but can bend down to try to catch the balls – Don’t spill your bucket! At the end of the 60 seconds, teams are given points based on the number of ping pong balls in their buckets. The players then switch places so everyone has a try at each role! This game is called “bucket head” – but wait until you hear about “cookie face”…

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