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Preschool Sports and Fitness Classes
Preschool girls at JumpBunch Fitness Class

2-6 years

30-45 minute weekly class

Our most popular program brings JumpBunch to preschool and daycare programs. Directors appreciate the unique, added dimension JumpBunch adds to kids’ development. Parents love the additional activity with no added driving. The kids just think it’s fun! Preschoolers need LOTS of physical activity. JumpBunch provides great exercise, but in a structured format that introduces a wide variety of sports, and builds coordination, balance and confidence.

Each class includes warm-ups, floor exercises, the sport activity of the week, stretching, then cool down. We don’t make it competitive for preschoolers; it’s a completely positive experience. It’s amazing how this early exposure makes kids more willing to give new sports a try as they get older.


In addition to our traditional classes, we now offer the option to focus on one single sport for several weeks at time.  It’s still introduction, still not competitive, and still focused on fun! This option can work independently of or right alongside the traditional JumpBunch class.  As an extension of our JB Sports curriculum, we offer customizable sessions of many of the most popular sports such as JB Soccer, JB Basketball, or JB Volleyball to name a few.

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