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Why Host JumpBunch?

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Because kids love it, and parents do, too! JumpBunch provides a turn-key program that you can offer as an added benefit to your curriculum, or as an optional activity for parents to consider for their children. Best of all, it’s not just fun, but it’s structured, age-appropriate activities that really help build young minds and bodies!

Preschools and Daycare Centers – JumpBunch adds value to your program with no additional effort or expense required on your part. This translates to greater loyalty and more referrals from happy parents.

Before and After School Care – For older kids, JB Sports adds a great alternative to the usual before and after care options. Schools partner with JumpBunch because physical activity is important, especially for children who need supervision for the full work day. Parents appreciate the added dose of structured exercise – with no additional driving for them!

Outsourcing Gym – JumpBunch is the perfect provider for private and public schools ready to outsource their physical fitness program. Especially as budgets tighten, JumpBunch has become an increasingly popular alternative to maintain quality physical fitness programs for developing young bodies.

Camps – JumpBunch has created summer and holiday camp versions of their activities. It’s a great added benefit that can make your camp more attractive to parents and kids.

Stand Alone Classes – From parks and recreation programs to dance classes, established groups partner with JumpBunch to turn down-time in their facility into another revenue source. JumpBunch manages every aspect of its program, so there’s no overhead or added hassle. And the new traffic JumpBunch brings can help promote your core courses at the same time.

JumpBunch adds sports and fitness to your child’s week. They have a great time and it’s great for them.

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