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Happy Makes Everything Better

Did you ever stop to notice that when you are happy that everything you do is just better? Of course you didn’t…you were too busy just enjoying being happy! That’s exactly how it should be.

Being active makes kids happy. That overflows into every other area of their life and sets the stage for them to remain active…and thus HAPPY, as they grow older. Our goal is not to make super athletes out of children. Our mission is to make super happy children through sports, fitness, and physical activity!

JumpBunch has many things that are there to help us accomplish this mission week in and week out. Whether its the enormous assortment of lesson plans (OVER 70!) or the outright cool, age-appropriate equipment used in each class, the things we bring to the class each week are all individually critical for making sure the kids have an experience that is educational, engaging, and FUN! After all, you can’t be happy without fun right?

Of all the things we bring to class each week in every location across the country and the world, none is more important than our franchise owners. Everything starts with the group we select and approve to represent the JumpBunch brand. Our franchisees are very hands on, and while they are business owners, they chose this business because it gives them a chance to do something everyday that simply makes them happy…and remember everything is better with HAPPY!

Each year, our franchisees take part in an independent survey to gauge their satisfaction in operating their business. For 11 years in a row now, our franchisees have been ranked in the top 50 for satisfaction of all systems surveyed by Franchise Business Review. For many of those years, and again for 2016, JumpBunch ranked as the most satisfied (HAPPY!) group of any in the child services category. We are certainly proud of this, but for you this means something very significant too. JumpBunch business owners love their jobs and love working with your kids. Because they are happy, everything they do is better, and that is why your kids get so excited on JumpBunch day.

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