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Benefits for Kids

It is no secret that kids spend more time every year in front of a TV or computer. With both parents working and the constant draw of video games and television, JumpBunch provides a welcome dose of structured physical activity. Best of all, it’s added to existing daycare, preschool, elementary or camp programs, so the extra attraction for kids doesn’t mean any more driving for parents! JumpBunch is successful because kids just think it’s fun…they don’t realize how the carefully structured, age-appropriate activities benefit their development:

Sharpens Physical Skills:

We often focus on mental development and take for granted the development of balance, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. The immediate encouragement of simple physical successes can be extremely rewarding and beneficial to young children.

Makes Sports Fun:

JumpBunch ensures that a child’s first sports experiences are positive and exposes them to many sports options. JumpBunch kids are more likely to be confident and ready to advance as they join their first organized team, or even as they choose up sides on the playground.

Builds Healthy Habits:

Exercise helps build strong bones and muscles, and it helps kids sleep well at night and stay alert during the day. Healthy habits established early help adolescents maintain healthy weight through the hormonal changes and social influences of adolescence. And it has been proven that active children are more likely to become fit adults.

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