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Enrichment or Education?

It is amazing to consider what a child learns, or is capable of learning, in the first 5 years of life. Though much learning for kids simply comes naturally as they ph12 smithysically grow, as parents we have a great deal of influence over what is included, and sadly not included, as a core part of the learning experience. Those choices must be intentional and are a great opportunity, or even responsibility, to positively frame actions and thoughts that impact our children well into adulthood.

It has become common to offer enrichment programs in our day cares, preschools, and school programs. Under that umbrella of enrichment you will find a very wide range of categories, all aimed at improving the experience of the child in any particular setting. By definition, to enrich means to improve or enhance so it is obviously a positive endeavor. JumpBunch is proud to be offered in many schools and settings as an enrichment option alongside a wide range of other great programs. Choices like these give parents that power to be intentional and choose ways to add to their child’s daily experiences.

While we will always be happy as part of any enrichment community, the reality is that what JumpBunch offers is better described and included as part of a child’s core education. What was once common and an assumed part of a school experience is now far too often considered expendable. JumpBunch is physical education. Where enrichment ends, education begins and continues as something that is not only preferred but also essential. More specifically, physical education is life. I want my child to build and understand that healthy physical habits are just as important to navigating life as the other great things they learn in those first five years. Enrichment may be one sport such as soccer, a second language class, or learning confidence though drama. These are great things to choose once you are sure all corners of an educational foundation are secure.

Physical education is one of those corners that can’t be cut, and JumpBunch stands ready to make it easier for your child to learn healthy habits early through Sports, Smiles, Fitness, and Fun!

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  1. wizardjumpandfun Says:

    November 13th, 2015 at 5:52 am

    Nice information. Thanks for sharing.

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