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Preschool to 12 years old

1-3 hour classes | One day, one week or custom programs

Lots of summer and holiday programs depend on JumpBunch to add structured sports and fitness programs to their curriculum. Whether it’s a formal Camp preschool or daycare with summer or holiday programs, JumpBunch offers tailored Camp Programs that can range from a one-day special event to one week or a full summer curriculum.

Every Camp features the same JumpBunch concept of introducing children to a wide range of sports in a fun, positive manner. JumpBunch always encourages healthy habits, improved coordination and confidence. Planning and managing a sports and fitness program takes a lot of energy and expertise. JumpBunch makes it a “turn-key” addition by providing the equipment, the music and the exceptional staff to make it all happen.

camp3Directors appreciate the quality activities added to their curriculum. Parents appreciate the healthy dose of organized physical activity for their children. And the kids? They love JumpBunch Camp!

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