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Healthy Habits Are Built At Home

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One of the primary goals of JumpBunch is to introduce kids to healthy habits early and often.  However, the reality is that healthy habits for kids are truly established at home.  While it is true that JumpBunch can sometimes be the impetus to focus on more active things at home, it works best as a reinforcement and connection to what parents and families are already doing to have fun, be active, and live healthy while together.  At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter which comes first as long as the end result reflects what our tagline says…Sports. Smiles. Fitness. Fun!

So what are some of the specific ways that connection between JumpBunch class and life at home can be made?  Here are a few that we try to focus on!


  • Parent Communication:  Our weekly class summary email details for you what sport or activity we are doing in class.  This creates the perfect opportunity to read about the specific things we do so that you can pick right up where class ends and keep the fun going at home!


  • Popular Sports & Crazy Games:  We know when it is time for the Super Bowl, the World Cup, the World Series, or the Olympics that your home is full of energy and excitement.  Our lesson plans for sports that everyone knows make an easy connection for the child in class.  We also introduce some lessons that are simply child focused fun that they can bring home to share with you!  Things like Chicken Toss, Crazy Races, and Ball Bonanza come to mind as ones you might hear them mention  Bottom line is that there is something new and fun to share every week!


  • Nutrition Components:  While our focus is on sports and fitness, it goes without saying that to be healthy you have to eat healthy.  If kids are hearing this at home, we hope to reinforce that by giving them a chance to show what they know by having a healthy food of the week to talk about during warm ups.  So don’t be surprised if they come home saying, “let’s have some broccoli tonight Mom!”.


These are just a few thoughts on how we hope to connect the dots to healthy habits at home.  We often talk about how JumpBunch partners with schools and daycares who host our classes, but the truth is our real partner is you, the parent.  We thank you for letting us do our part when you can’t be with them and hope that your home is full of Sports. Smiles. Fitness……..and Fun!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out some of our great games right from the website that you can play together at home.  KIDS ZONE

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Nutrition Is Part of Being Active and Happy

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March is National Nutrition Month. Although the JumpBunch program focuses on introducing sports and fitness to kids, you can’t really be fit and active without good nutrition habits! So National Nutrition Month gives us an opportunity to highlight a new option that has recently been added to our curriculum.

Each week, as part of the warm up routine, we now have quick and easy nutrition segments aimed at getting kids to think about eating healthy and learning about all the cool ways they can do that. As we talk about so often, a child naturally gravitates towards fun. So, just like our weekly new sports they play, these nutritional inserts are presented simply as fun ways to eat healthy and feed your body with things that help it grow and stay energized to play longer!

Just like our great age appropriate sports equipment, we also have model samples of whatever healthy food we are talking about each week. Kid’s love to hold things in their hands, so that natural curiosity is used with our nutrition segments as well. Here is an example of what these quick weekly segments might look like.

Week 8: Carrot
Pass the foam carrot around the class as you read the lesson.
Class Question: “Does anyone know what vitamin gives carrots and sweet potatoes their orange
Answer: Vitamin A

“Carrots are a root vegetable because they grow underground. Eating carrots is good for your
eye health and immune system. Although usually orange in color, carrots can also be red,
purple, white, and yellow. Carrots can be served raw as in salads, cooked in many stews and
soups, and even be served in a dessert such as carrot cake!”

JumpBunch has always used the theme of “building healthy habits early”. We are thrilled to expand those healthy habits to include nutrition as the perfect companion to exercise and learning new sports to keep you active and moving!

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Happy Makes Everything Better

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Did you ever stop to notice that when you are happy that everything you do is just better? Of course you didn’t…you were too busy just enjoying being happy! That’s exactly how it should be.

Being active makes kids happy. That overflows into every other area of their life and sets the stage for them to remain active…and thus HAPPY, as they grow older. Our goal is not to make super athletes out of children. Our mission is to make super happy children through sports, fitness, and physical activity!

JumpBunch has many things that are there to help us accomplish this mission week in and week out. Whether its the enormous assortment of lesson plans (OVER 70!) or the outright cool, age-appropriate equipment used in each class, the things we bring to the class each week are all individually critical for making sure the kids have an experience that is educational, engaging, and FUN! After all, you can’t be happy without fun right?

Of all the things we bring to class each week in every location across the country and the world, none is more important than our franchise owners. Everything starts with the group we select and approve to represent the JumpBunch brand. Our franchisees are very hands on, and while they are business owners, they chose this business because it gives them a chance to do something everyday that simply makes them happy…and remember everything is better with HAPPY!

Each year, our franchisees take part in an independent survey to gauge their satisfaction in operating their business. For 11 years in a row now, our franchisees have been ranked in the top 50 for satisfaction of all systems surveyed by Franchise Business Review. For many of those years, and again for 2016, JumpBunch ranked as the most satisfied (HAPPY!) group of any in the child services category. We are certainly proud of this, but for you this means something very significant too. JumpBunch business owners love their jobs and love working with your kids. Because they are happy, everything they do is better, and that is why your kids get so excited on JumpBunch day.

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Featured Coach: Peri Guffey of Phoenix, Arizona

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Peri Guffey

The owners of the Phoenix-East Valley JumpBunch franchise enthusiastically state that there is no one more deserving of being recognized as a featured coach than Peri Guffey…and we agree!  She has now been a JumpBunch coach for nearly six years and is still going strong.  Peri brought many years of experience coaching youth tee ball, baseball, and tennis, as well as teaching PE classes.  This has served her well as she now confidently introduces kids in the Phoenix area to sports and activities from the vast JumpBunch curriculum!

During her time with JumpBunch, Peri has built a reputation as being one amazing coach!  She is able to build relationships with directors, teachers, and parents so that she truly becomes part of their school.  And, of course, the kids just love her!  Peri is able to work with students of all ages, from toddlers to school age, and she makes every class fun.  She absolutely loves working with children and is passionate about sports and fitness, which can be seen in her commitment to a schedule of coaching more than 200 kids per week!

In addition to her incredible ability to connect with schools and kids, Peri has successfully taken on additional roles in the Phoenix-East Valley JumpBunch business.  During her down time in the summer when most of her schools are on break, she helps grow the business by introducing JumpBunch to new schools in the area.  Peri also plays a critical role in the hiring and training of new coaches along with offering fun and memorable birthday parties on the weekends!  She is in high demand and can always be counted on to represent JumpBunch with enthusiasm and professionalism.

The team in Phoenix-East Valley, as well as JumpBunch, Inc., are grateful for and proud of Peri’s hard work and remarkable representation of what JumpBunch is all about.

You can find them at


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The Power of Parent Choice.

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Kids with Hoola-hoops

If we had our way, JumpBunch or a program with similar benefits would be offered as an option to parents in every preschool and daycare across the country. If that were possible, it would still only be one small step towards seriously addressing the concern of childhood obesity. Even in locations where ours or similar programs are offered, only a fraction of eligible kids sign up. Why is that choice not being made if it can be afforded?  Do parents somehow not realize the power they hold with such a choice?

Rae Pica, a noted educational consultant, author, and friend of JumpBunch recently published an article discussing who exactly is responsible for our country’s childhood obesity crisis (read Rae’s article).  As she so clearly points out, the parents are definitely in the mix, but it is adults in general that have and continue to set the stage for the problems we see.  Another thing Rae so clearly notes is that it is certainly not the fault of the children.

Kids cannot make their own choices, and by the time they can they will choose based on what they have learned…from adults…from parents.  While we all, as adults, must commit to creating a more favorable environment, the line is formally drawn at what a parent does control and the choices that can be made.  For kids everything starts with fun, and programs like JumpBunch seek to associate fun with healthy habits as early as possible.  Competition and specialization can come later, but education and fun is for all!

So when given the choice, “exercise” yours wisely by giving your child a fun way to learn sports and fitness.  When the time comes for them to make their own, they will likely base that on the examples you’ve already set.  Make them count.

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JumpBunch Supports Special Needs Programs

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The concept of JumpBunch is pretty simple.  We introduce kids to sports and fitness at an early age through a variety of active and fun activities.  We are fortunate to have many wonderful host location partners such as daycares and preschools that open the door for this to happen for kids.  Unfortunately, this is not a door that is so easily opened for kids with special needs.

JumpBunch franchise owners welcome the opportunity to work with special needs kids in cooperation with their parents and support locations.  With the assistance of direct caretakers and teachers, much of our curriculum adapts very well and can provide the same opportunity to engage in fun and active sports and games.  Our locations who currently support this need take great satisfaction in knowing what they offer makes a real difference.

On October 25, 2015, local JumpBunch owners Brian and Melissa Hasson had the opportunity to sponsor and be part of the largest charity event for special needs kids in the state of California.  The Skechers Friendship Walk is a huge annual event that raised over 1.4 million dollars to support special needs kids and education.  Such contributions have allowed the Hassons to support special needs kids with JumpBunch classes through the Friendship Circle of South Bay in recent years.  Skechers Friendship Walk

JumpBunch franchise CEO Tom Bunchman traveled to take part in the event in recognition of the impact organizations such as this have on the families of special needs children who don’t often have the same opportunities to experience simple things like learning a new sport with friends.   “JumpBunch has a great interest in the welfare of all children.  We are excited to participate in the Skechers Friendship Walk for the benefit of special needs kids.  There is no greater cause than helping these kids thrive in our society.”

Skecher Walk

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Enrichment or Education?

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It is amazing to consider what a child learns, or is capable of learning, in the first 5 years of life. Though much learning for kids simply comes naturally as they ph12 smithysically grow, as parents we have a great deal of influence over what is included, and sadly not included, as a core part of the learning experience. Those choices must be intentional and are a great opportunity, or even responsibility, to positively frame actions and thoughts that impact our children well into adulthood.

It has become common to offer enrichment programs in our day cares, preschools, and school programs. Under that umbrella of enrichment you will find a very wide range of categories, all aimed at improving the experience of the child in any particular setting. By definition, to enrich means to improve or enhance so it is obviously a positive endeavor. JumpBunch is proud to be offered in many schools and settings as an enrichment option alongside a wide range of other great programs. Choices like these give parents that power to be intentional and choose ways to add to their child’s daily experiences.

While we will always be happy as part of any enrichment community, the reality is that what JumpBunch offers is better described and included as part of a child’s core education. What was once common and an assumed part of a school experience is now far too often considered expendable. JumpBunch is physical education. Where enrichment ends, education begins and continues as something that is not only preferred but also essential. More specifically, physical education is life. I want my child to build and understand that healthy physical habits are just as important to navigating life as the other great things they learn in those first five years. Enrichment may be one sport such as soccer, a second language class, or learning confidence though drama. These are great things to choose once you are sure all corners of an educational foundation are secure.

Physical education is one of those corners that can’t be cut, and JumpBunch stands ready to make it easier for your child to learn healthy habits early through Sports, Smiles, Fitness, and Fun!

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Top 5 Benefits of Gardening with your Kids

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Benefits of Gardening with KidsSummer is the perfect time to get your kids interested in planting their own garden. The process of planting, caring for and reaping the rewards of hard work will be sure to keep your child engaged and active throughout the season. In addition, it has more health benefits than you might have expected! Here are the top five:

  • Outside Activity– keep kids busy with exercise without them even realizing it! Weeding, digging, and planting will have your child moving all around the garden until the job is done.


  • Learning– gardening is a great opportunity to teach kids about nutrition and encourage them to eat healthy foods, since they will want to eat the vegetables they grew.


  • Health– there are many health benefits including the alleviating of psoriasis, allergies and asthma thanks to the ‘friendly’ soil bacteria common in garden dirt. Vitamin D from the sun is another benefit that keeps kids happy and healthy.


  • Interpersonal Skills– children learn the importance of listening and following directions to gain satisfying results. The process of growing plants will teach patience and dedication to more long-term projects.


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Keep Your Kids Safe in the Heat

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active kids
Summer vacation is in full-effect and children are ready to enjoy the weather. However it is important to recognize that the heat can be dangerous to your child’s health. Here are a few tips to keep them safe all summer long!



Drink water. Regardless of the activity level, make sure your kids are drinking (even if they are not thirsty!)

Try to avoid drinks that contain a lot of sugar. These can cause your kids to lose more body fluid. Also, don’t make the drinks too cold because that can cause stomachaches.

Take breaks. Throughout the day, especially in the afternoon when it gets really hot, take a break in the shade or head inside for some fun activities.

Wear the right clothing. Summer attire should be lightweight, light-colored and loose fitting.

Protect yourself from the sun. Have your child wear a hat and sunglasses. Apply sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) generously 30 minutes before you go outdoors. Don’t forget their ears, nose, lips and the tops of their feet.

Understand weather terms. The National Weather Service issues alerts for excessive heat on a county-by-county basis. Here’s what they mean:

Excessive Heat Watch: Conditions are favorable for an event to meet or exceed heat-warning criteria in the next 24-72 hours. A Watch is used when the risk of a heat wave has increased but its occurrence and timing are still uncertain.

Excessive Heat Warning: Conditions are favorable for an event to meet or exceed heat-warning criteria in the next 36 hours. In most areas, a warning will be issued if there is a heat index of at least 105°F for more than 3 hours per day for 2 consecutive days, or if the heat index is greater than 115°F for any period of time.

For more information on keeping your children safe this summer, click here.

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Decline in Activity at Childcare Centers is Alarming for Parents

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Decline in Children's Physical Activity at Childcare Centers Concerns ParentsWhen parents drop off their child at a care center, it is normal to have a long list of expectations surrounding the care of their child. They want solid academic learning opportunities as well as support for the physical growth and development of their child. Unfortunately, strong emphasis for academic preparation in pre-school curriculums is taking a toll on the time children spend being active during the day.

A new study performed by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics claim that, on average, children only have the opportunity to be active for 48 minutes every day. The study also showed that the average amount of time spent outdoors per day is only 33 minutes. This information is alarming to parents because it is crucial for children to form healthy lifestyle habits that can be reinforced at a child care center or school, and carried through the rest of that child’s life. With 88% of time spent engaging in sedentary activities or napping, an active lifestyle is not being encouraged.

To make matters worse, the study explained that teacher led activity only accounted for 1% of the time spent outdoors. While free play during outdoor recess is essential for the development of social skills and creativity- it should be complimented by structured activity that will promote listening and problem solving skills.

JumpBunch is very aware of these trends and wants to work with parents and schools to make a difference for the health of young people across the country and the world. It is with this mission in mind that JumpBunch offers programs for children of all ages that provide exposure the benefits of engaging in an active lifestyle at an early age.

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